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This Website has a wealth of information on various subjects; all listed in chronological order. The site attempts to summarize various news stories and then provides readers with links to the original news story.
[In a few cases the original story may have been moved or deleted by the original news source, but the summary remains.]
Columns in the Galveston County Daily News
For over four years, Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius, and John Gay (all of whom ran against each other in the Congressional District14 race in the 2012 Republican Primary) worked together to write weekly columns on a variety of topical issues. 
Here is a Table of Contents for those columns

Stories related to the Department of Justice
This includes stories on Operation Fast and Furious and Eric Holder's Justice Department; stories on the National Security Agency, on unlawful searches, and the Department of Justice.
Stories related to National Security
This includes stories about Russia, China, the Middle East, U.S. military capabilities and other National Security related stories
Stories related to Foreign Policy

Stories related to Immigration
This includes stories on border security, illegal immigration, immigration reform and more. We have been covering this issue since june 2013.
Stories on the Economy
This includes stories on the Debt Ceiling, Sequester, Congress not passing appropriation bills and the economy in general
Stories on the Gun Control Debate
This includes stories on gun violence, gun control, and 2nd Amendment rights. This coverages began in 2012 and continues to the current day.
Stories on Politics in America
This includes such things as coverage of the "resistence" movement, election shenanigans, and other political stories.

Stories on Politicizing The IRS:
Since March 2012, this Website has been posting a Chronology of News Coverage on the IRS and IRS's Targeting of Conservative groups and on Taxes.

In the Primary Campaign of 2012, Bill Sargent told members of the Jefferson County TEA Party at a condidate forum they were hosting what the IRS was doing to target conservative groups (March 16, 2012). This was news to those in attendance, including the other candidates, and this revalation was made months before this issue started being widely reported in the news media.

Stories on the ObamaCare/Healthcare Issue:
A Chronology of News Coverage on the ObamaCare and Repeal & Replace Issues from June 28, 2012 to the present

Stories on the Benghazi Attack and the "emailgate" scandal:
A Chronology of News Coverage on the Benghazi Attack and the "emailgate" scandal from December 12, 2012 to the present

In addition to the on-going chronologies shown above there have been a number of individual articles and columns posted on this Website. The links to them are shown below:
April 2013
- The Economy: Was the 2009 Stimulus Money Squandered?
- The Economy:
Simpson-Boles Plan Two Tries to Bridge the Gap

March 2013
- The Economy: "I, Pencil" by Leonard E. Reed
- The Economy:
Not all budget cuts need to be painful
- Foreign Affairs:
Chronology of News Coverage on Operation Fast and Furious [Update on Civil Lawsuit: Congress faces off with the Department of Justice]

February 2013
- The Economy: Free Market Economics & the Impact the Dodd-Frank Act may have on us in 2013
- Gun Control Debate:
Instances of Gun Violence are Happening in "Gun-Free" Zones
- Gun Control Debate:
Reports show more background checks are not required

January 2013
- The Economy: Who Gets the Benefits from Federal Entitlements?
- The Economy:
The Implications of Increased Spending on the Economy
- Foreign Affairs:
Benghazi Summary
- Foreign Affairs:
Operation Fast and Furious Chronology updated [A Mexican national surrenders saying he was the person who shot Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry]
- Tax Policy:
Taxwise it may be better not to get married!
- Gun Control Debate:
The Case Against gun control -- One Man's Opinion
- Healthcare & Competition:
How the Supreme Court Decision Doomed Obamacare to Failure
- The Fiscal Cliff & Debt Limit:
Partisan Divisions, Spending Cuts and What to Do
- Obamacare:
State and Business Decisions - Cost Avoidance
- The Fiscal Cliff:
January 1st, hourly updates on the House Action and the vote

December 2012 - The Fiscal Cliff: A Chronology of News Coverage and Other Resources
- The Fiscal Cliff: Raising Taxes is a Non-Solution | Alternative Solution
- Tax Policy: States Increasing Taxes are Experiencing Mass Exodus
- The Fiscal Cliff: Budget Cuts & the Fiscal Cliff [The Time for Truth is Upon Us!]
- The Fiscal Cliff: A primer
- Tax Policy: Taxing overseas earnings of US corporations
- Tax Policy: Tax Hikes on those earning over $250K may doom the upper middle class
- Tax Policy: Impact on Taxpayer Behavior
- Foreign Affairs: Chronology of News Coverage on the Attack of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi (updated throughout the month)

November 2012 - The Economy: Reducing Debt and Other Measures for Improving U.S. Competitiveness
- The Fiscal Cliff: Without a Cliff Deal, States Will Bleed Red Ink
- The Economy: Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Nears Need for Taxpayer Funds
- The Economy: Why Washington Has It Wrong on Small Business
- Foreign Affairs: Chronology of News Coverage on Operation Fast and Furious

October 2012 - Foreign Affairs: Chronology of News Coverage on Operation Fast and Furious

September 2012 - Local Affairs: Speech at the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Texas City, Texas

August 2012 - State Affairs: The Texas Voter ID Law: Protecting the Election Process or Disenfranchising Voters?
[Did you know that there are 50,000 dead people on the Texas Voter Rolls? Over two hundred of them voted in the 2012 Primary Election and some of them in person!]

July 2012 - Health Care or Tax? Justice Roberts, ObamaCare, and a Strategy
[Includes articles by Constitutional scholar Dr. Michael Farris and Former Treasurer of the State of Arizona, the Honorable Bart Fleming. In addition it provides a strategy for eliminating Obamacare should President Obama be reelected]

June 2012 - Foreign Affairs: Fast and Furious & Contempt of Congress
[Includes a personal experience with Contempt of Congress from 1975, commentary on the current situation; and a chronology of the events (with links to resource documents) from the Death of Special Agent Brian Terry in December 2010 forward | Chronology Part I (2010-2011) | Part II Chronology Part II (2012)]

June 2012 - Domestic Affairs: Obama Bypasses Congress Again [Relaxing Enforcement on Illegal Immigration]