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Usable Websites are those which are theme and purpose driven, which have easy and consistent navigation; and which are designed with the user in mind. Well done sites also are designed so that people with visual impairments can have access to the information. Usable-Websites [formerly Website Usability by Design] is committed to assisting its clients in designing or redesigning Websites that:
1) Deliver information in a way that describes the heart and soul of your business/organization;
2) Have consistent navigation and make it easy to find information the user wants; and
3) Are accessible to individuals who are visually impaired

We offer personal and professional service at reasonable rates.

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Below are examples of active and archived sites Bill Sargent of Usable Websites has created or worked on:

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Screen Print of Your Historical News Source by Bill Sargent

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Screen shots of Bill Sargent's Facebook Page

Screen Print of GalvestonVotes.Org Website
Website Usability by Design has created a historical resource website which provides a chronological summary of major news events of the day along with links to the actual story. This site was started in 2013 and continues today. Bill Sargent has two Facebook accounts which he maintains. Website Usability by Design offers services to post and maintain it client's presence on Facebook. In 2011 Bill redesigned, and through 2017 updated and maintained, the Website which belongs to the Elections Division of the Galveston County Clerk's Office. This page has a wealth of information about elections and voting results in the County of Galveston

Sarge's Twitter Page Bill also maintains a Twitter account (left). Website Usability by Design offers services that will maintain a presence on Twitter for its clients.

Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), U.S. Department of Commerce
- This site (right) was originally created in 1996 by a team on which Bill Sargent was a key member. The site was subsequently redesigned in 2003. For his work on these projects Bill was awarded the Department of Commerce's Bronze Medal.

Bureau of Industry and Security
[This website has subsequently been redesigned since 2004 when Bill retired from the U.S. Department of Commerce ]

>American Stories and Principles; screen shot of home page American Stories and Principles brings to life some of the almost unbelievable historical events which unfolded during our country’s darkest hours. These stories lift us; instill hope, and offer guidance.
Created and maintained by this site has an amazing number of stories about America and lessons that can be lerned from our hisotory. (Authorr: Mark Mansius)

Commercial Website Examples
Image of old Thomas Family Dentistry Website Image of a page from the Thomas Family Dentistry Website Redesign that is currently in processWestern Rustic Home Page - Manvel Mattress Furniture Gallery
Thomas We designed this website (above) in 2003 when Thomas Family Dentistry was located in Fairfax, VA.
(These pages are archived copies of the old site.)
Thomas - We redesigned this site in 2008-9 after their practice moved to Strasburg, Virginia. It has been redesigned again in subsequent years.

Go to Top of Page - The website (above) was launched in 2009 and redesigned in 2010 when new lines of stock were added. It belongs to Manvel Mattress Furniture Gallery located in Manvel, Texas and is an example of "theme-based" websites. The domain name is part of the "branding."
This website has changed since we worked on it in 2010.

McGaugh RV Center Circa 2007 McGaugh RV Center - Bill redesigned this website (left) in 2004 and served as McGaugh's Web Master for three years. The site has subsequently be redesigned and moved to the responsibility of another Web Developer. The pages found here are circa 2006-2007.

The Trust Midas website (right) is another example of "branding." The domain name ( and the content of the home page all fit together under the same theme -- that you can trust this Midas franchise. The subsequent pages were educational, helping prospective customers learn more about the various systems in their car(s).
Screen Print of Trust

Non-Profit Website Examples
Image of the Immanuel Baptist Church home page.  New Life Series Web Site Sea Scout Shiip 40 Web site
Immanuel Baptist Church Galveston, Texas - The site (above) was redesigned by Bill in 2008 prior to Hurricane Ike's visit to the Island. Unfortunately the church has closed its doors. The New Life Series - This site (above) was developed and maintained by Bill until the organization closed its doors in 2006 after ministering to citizens in the Washington, DC area for 35 years.
These pages are from the archives.

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Sea Scout Ship 40 - The site above was created for the former members of this Sea Scout unit in the San Francisco Bay Area. The pages are still active but have not been updated in a number of years.

Bill Sargent speaking to over 800 attendees at a BXA Update Conference in Washington, DC St. Dunstans' Episcopal Church - The site (right) was developed for this church during the late 1990s. It has subsequently been redesigned.
This is an archived copy of the home page.

Bill Sargent, (left) formerly the Bureau of Industry and Security's (BIS) Web Master addressing over 800 exporters and business executives at an annual BXA Update Conference held in Washington, DC. Circa late 1990s.
St. Dunstans' Episcopal Church

Additional Website Examples
Home Page of the BIS EmployeeNet Intranet Website

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BIS EmployeeNet - While serving as the BIS Web Master for eight years, Bill created an Intranet site for all BIS Employees. The pages displayed (left) are archived from that site and are circa 2003-2004. Notice that this site was made to be consistent with the main BIS Website in look, feel, and navigational elements.

Web Advisory Council- This group serves under the Department of Commerce Chief Information Officer and recommends standards for all Commerce Web sites. Bill served as the Chairman of this group for over two years and also as its Vice Chairman for a term until he retired from the Commerce Department in 2004. Bill served as part of the team that developed the original Website which has subsequently been redesigned over the past twenty years.
Department of Commerce Web Advisory Committee

Voter Information Page, Galveston County Repubican Party The Galveston County Republican Party
asked us to redesign their site (left) for the November 2010 election, highlighting the local candidates and providing voter information and resources to the residents of the County. This site is no longer handled by the Usable-Websites Team.
This site (right) was used to generate sales of Mary Jean's book -- "Murder by Defenestration" -- in 2011. This site was allowed to expire in 2019. But the book is still available on!
Mary Jean Sargent's Website


Please note part of this site is still under construction and some of the links are inactive or have been disabled Some of the pages and their associated links have been disabled or no longer exist. But what you have seen in the examples provided provide an idea of what is possible for your website!